Saturday, 14 December 2019

1st Giveaway by YYSELLA


Hari ni nak join giveaway ni sebab tuan badan dah singgah blog kita .. heheh :D

Jom join ramai-ramai sebab hadiah-hadiah dia menarik perhatian sangat.

Klik gambar untuk join :)

Thursday, 12 December 2019

A Red Rose from Huawei


I really excited to share this unexpected moment.

On 11 December, I have received a message to pick up my parcel. Well, in my university, there is a kiosk for delivering parcels. I was shocked at first. Then, I start scrolling my mobile apps, Lazada and Shopee. I need to confirm that I didn't buy anything, I also check my recent emails. There is nothing about order or receiving thing. I was ... what is going on? hahahaha

You know, for a girl like me, I was thinking if there is any secret admirer send me a present or what? Because I am sure I'm not receiving it from my family since I didn't share the new address of the kiosk yet. Then, I keep wondering who is sending me a present. HAHAHAHA

On 12.12, while others are spending their money to get discounted items, I received a free item. So, I pick up the parcel and wow ! It's from Huawei .

It's a RED ROSE!

Even though this is not from an admirer, I really can say this is my first time receiving a red rose. 
It's amazing! One of my friends said, "Why you? I think you've got a crush from Huawei company." HAHAHAHAHA

I also wonder why me?
So, I did a little bit research asking help from Google. 
Last year, Huawei sent each online customer a rose for their RM3 millions sales on 11.11

Of course, I have purchased some items from their official online web. That's why they have my details to deliver the rose. I really appreciate the way Huawei celebrating with their customer with surprise. Love you 3000!